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Learn How Our Formula For 5-6 Year Olds Helps Increase Your Child's Focus, Concentration, Attention, Listening, and Fundamental Learning Skills!

Our Super Star program focuses on motor skills development, listening skills, focus, concentration, and attention. They also learn about self-control and space awareness.

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Hear what Mr. Deaver's has to say about this program

Martial arts is GREAT for children ages 5-6 years old. And, we don't just teach martial arts to our Super Stars, we mentor and guide them to develop their listening, focus, concentration, attention, and motor skill development through all the skills they learn from Kickboxing.

Motor Skill Development

Martial arts is one of the most powerful vehicles available to parents with children ages 5-6 who want to help them develop their agility, balance, and coordination. 

It also is a GREAT way to help them strengthen their motor skills like eye-hand coordination, body awareness, mind-body control, awareness of their surroundings and others, and so much more all while building strength and getting out some energy. 

Development of eye-hand coordination is great and we put a lot of emphasis on this developmental skill, but balance and stability are also one of our foundation elements that we feel are important in the physical development of your child.

Physical development at a young age shows to boost a child's confidence and self-esteem. 

They feel good about themselves and learn how to finish what they start.

This builds their confidence which helps them in all areas of their life.

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My absolute passion is empowering kids with confidence and self-defense skills.

Ankeny Martial Arts - Ankeny, IA

Kevin Deaver

Boost Their Confidence and Self-Esteem 

Confidence Affects Everything

Getting a head start before your child move into preschool or while in pre-school helps them learn faster and feel better about themselves. Having confidence is one of those life skills that makes anything possible. They are more willing to try new things, be more adventurous, more receptive to learning and growing, and being more assertive to ask for what they want

Self-Esteem to Believe

Believing in oneself is the edge that gives us the spark to go after our dreams. Our classes are specifically designed to coach our Super Stars to learn to believe in themselves and build the mental strength to deal with challenges and cope with the outcomes of their efforts. The unique game-based process we use in our martial arts classes boost their self-esteem.

Being More Assertive

Our martial arts classes help them develop the sense of being and knowing their inner voice so they can be more assertive and less shy. They literally break out of their shell and are excited to be themselves. With this newfound confidence they make friends easier, social settings are less stressful, and they are more willing to stand up for themselves and what they want


With our formula we build your Super Star's focus. This helps them stretch their abilities to remain on task. This gets them prepared for the focus they will need when they enroll in school and in the rest of their life. It also helps them learn faster and builds their confidence in their abilities.


We teach them how to concentrate on "what" they are doing, their body awareness, and "how" they are doing it. This helps build their self-esteem in what they are doing and how to believe in themselves to remained encouraged to do their best. They will be less fearful to be the first or to try something new.

Attention & Listening

Keeping their attention to listen and follow directions is critical and important to their development and growth. We have a blueprint that we follow to help your little Super Star pay attention, listen better to directions, and remember what they have to do. This makes it easier at home and assures you of their success in the future.

Ankeny Kids Confidence

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This class is specialized for kids ages: 5-6 years old. We'll help them build confidence, self-defense, gain the skills to deal with bullies, and sharpen their focus to pay attention longer.

Here's What Some of Our Parents Have To Say

We are so happy

My son has been attending for 4 years, and we are so happy with how much he has learned and progressed.

Holly Jimenez

More than martial arts

They don't just teach martial arts techniques, they instill values of respect, discipline, and resilience that will serve their students for a lifetime.

Jason Sawnor


What I like the most is that they the tenants of Tae Kwon Do: Courtesy, Integrity, Perseverance, Self Control, and Indomitable Spirit.

Shelly Sullivan

3 Reasons Why Our Program Helps


We have a very specific way that helps your child's development both mentally and physically. In our Super Star Child Development Plan we focus our efforts on encouraging and helping them build self-motivation through the desire to have a growth mindset to do their best and believe in themselves always.


Being in the right environment with other children their age helps them be nurtured through the process where they get to excel at their best. Kind of like a building block system we lay a foundation of focus and confidence so they develop the drive to want to be better. They quickly adapt to the process for success.

Game-Based Learning

With a structured environment we use the power of game-based learning to help teach their minds to grow and retain information. They learn information in a different way other than "telling" them what to do. We understand the development of a child at this age and teach accordingly to help them succeed.

Just click the button, fill in the details, and schedule online, no call needed.

This class will help your 5 or 6 year old start building motor skills and character development along with leadership.

What Makes Our Program Different

Character Building

Our program isn't just an 'activity'. Sports are an activity and many martial arts school are like sports. We teach martial arts, but we use it only as the vehicle to instill leadership, character, and empowerment.


Your child doesn't have to have previous training. They don't have to be athletic. They don't have to have coordination. We provide them with all the skills they need to learn and grow with from day one. 

Simple to Try a Class

No uniform is required to try the class. They don't have to feel awkward their first day, and you don't have to invest in something that might not work out. All they have to do is wear a pair of athletic shorts and t-shirt. 

Sports not Working

Have you tried team sports or other activities that didn't work to help you get the results you were hoping for? We get many parents that say nothing else worked until we tried this.

Girls Thrive Here

The young ladies in our class excel like little warriors. They gain the skills to defend themselves, the focus to concentrate, and the confidence to believe in who they are. 


Our classes our designed and split to meet the needs of different age groups. A five year old's needs and development are way different than a ten year old. Your child will excel here. 

3 Facts You Should Know Before Trying Any Martial Arts

Structured Classes

The classes should have some sort of structure to them. This develops the skill requires for all levels and provides a challenge associated to it. Growth happens when you are taken out of your comfort zone and placed in an environment where you have to figure out how to excel and succeed. Here at Ankeny Martial Arts, we structure our classes to develop each student at all stages of their training.

Professionally Trained

We pride ourselves as having the BEST instructors for your child. This means that I personally see to it that my instructors meet the requirements to be an instructor for each age group they are helping with. They go through weekly, monthly, and yearly instructor-training sessions where they learn how to develop a child and make skills age-appropriate so you know your child will get the best.

Blueprint for Success

To get where you want to go in life, it is recommended to have a map or blueprint you can follow. We know success isn't an accident. To reach your goals, succeed, and come out a champion in the end, you need a roadmap. That is what we provide with our program. It is the roadmap that builds their confidence, improves their focus, and give them the self-defense skills to stand up for themselves.

Just click the button, fill in the details, and schedule online, no call needed.

Our Empowered Kids Kickboxing Program

When it comes to learning self-defense and anti-bullying skills, how you train matters. We take a four-style approach to teaching self-defense and bullyproofing. This makes for a well-rounded student who can handle any situation or circumstance they find themselves in. And, as crazy as times are getting today, we make sure to help your child feel confident because they are competent. 

Kids boxing Ankeny Martial Arts


Boxers have some of the best hand skills and footwork. One of the things we see most is kids getting bullied is they get punched or pushed. It is a natural thing for humans to use their hands, so we incorporated Boxing into our Empowered Kids Program to make sure they know how to defend against someone punching or pushing them. This skill gives them stability, balance, and coordination. Something they can use even in other sports or physical activities. Plus, this is one of the most empowering styles for your child to gain confidence from. 

Kicking (Kickboxing/Taekwondo)

The second thing we see from students who get bullied is they get kicked. This is why we incorporate the skills from Kickboxing and Taekwondo. These two styles have their traditions steeped in using their legs to defend and attack with. When you know how someone is going to attack, it is much easier to defend. In addition to this, we've also added from other Kickboxing styles like Muay Thai and Savate. This allows the student to get exposed to what attackers do and how to defend it. Again, it is about competence so they can be confident. 

Kids Kickboxing Ankeny Martial Arts

Kids Wrestling and Grappling Skills Ankeny


Knowing how to defend yourself from being tackled, pushed to the ground, or taken down in other ways, is important for our students so they are well-rounded. In addition to this, they gain the knowledge of what to do when they are on the ground. How to defend, attack if they needed to, and how to get back to their feet. Groundwork starts to close the circle in our program while giving them the best skills possible.  


Our world is changing. Let's be honest. So, teaching kids about weapons defense can be tricky. We take a more traditional weapons training approach like the use of a staff, nunchuck, and sticks. Having the right knowledge, respect, and understanding is vital to getting a full program. This introduction and continued training also makes it fun for them. They get to learn, reduce their fear, and feel comfortable they can defend themselves if a bully picks up a bat, stick, or some other weapon. 

Kids weapons Ankeny Martial Arts

Here's Where We Are Located

Here are other skills our program helps cultivate

More Self-Control

This is a big element in our self-defense program. Each student learns how to control their emotions, fears, and doubts. When we let our emotions run high, our thinking usually goes out the window. This is a very important lesson of application we teach to in our kid's program. This is also a character skill that they can use at home and in school. It is something that will improve their life...any yours.

Better Listening

Find yourself having to repeat yourself constantly to your child? We understand your frustration. It is one of the biggest lessons our kid's program has as an overarching emphasis. With focus being one of the key traits we teach, listening goes hand and hand with it. Your child will learn how to actively listen and pay attention to the words and message that is being directed at them. 

Strong Self-Discipline

We teach that discipline is "Doing what you have to do, not what you want to do." There are many things in life that we all want to do, but there are chores, duties, and other important tasks that need to be done before we can do what we want to do. Being one of our tenants, you child will begin to learn what self-discipline is and how to use it in their life. Daily, this trait will build stronger and stronger.

Leadership Skills

Learning how to be a leader in your own life first sets you up to be a great leader to others. It is one of the things we begin to show your child as they gain all the other skills. They get to build their voice, learn to stand in front of other confidently, and take charge of their martial arts journey. All this gives them the opportunity to develop leadership skills they can use at school, at home, and in the rest of their life. 

Character Skills

One's character is all we have to show the world who we really are. It is our mission to help your child establish character traits that will set them on a positive path. This path is encouraged and validated to cement the positive traits in their character. Things like manners, respect, how to treat others, and so many more that aren't taught in school or universities. This is something that will be with them when needed.

Life Skills

There are lessons in life that teach us about ourselves, our environment, and our lives. We think it is important your child gets to learn from their educational journey. This martial path we take them on is very much an educational journey where they get to harness the power of learning. They get to grow as they overcome challenges, work through tasks, and manage their mindset. 

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