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Which Age Group Best Fits?

Ages: 5-6 Year Olds

Discover how our Super Star age classes emphasis focus, concentration, listening skills, learning how to pay attention, and remembering what was said. All in a fun class.

Ages: 7-8 Year Olds

Learn how we can help your child listen better, focus longer, learn faster, pay attention, and finish tasks without being reminded over and over. They also learn self-control.

Ankeny Martial Arts Kid's Classes

Ages: 9-11 Year Olds

Find out how our program for 9-11 yr olds develops their ability to concentrate on the current tasks without letting distractions interfere with their ability to learn and excel.

Teen Classes Ankeny Martial Arts

Ages: 12-17 Year Olds

See how our teen class can build your child's ability to have an edge in life with focus and concentration skills that result in better performance in school, sports, and in life.

My absolute passion is empowering kids with confidence and self-defense skills.

Ankeny Martial Arts - Ankeny, IA

Kevin Deaver

My son started as a Tiger and then began Tae Kwon Do and is now also in the NinjaTrix program. He loves it!

Kimberly Ann

I’ve been a part of the family for 3 ½ years now. It’s amazing to see the growth and change of the kids who come in.

Shelly Sullivan

3 Facts You Should Know Before Trying Any Martial Arts

Structured Classes

The classes should have some sort of structure to them. This Develops the skill requires for all levels and provides a challenge associated to it. Growth happens when you are taken out of your comfort zone and placed in an environment where you have to figure out how to excel and succeed. Here at Ankeny Martial Arts, we structure our classes to develop each student at all stages of their training.

Professionally Trained

We pride ourselves as having the BEST instructors for your child. This means that I personally see to it that my instructors meet the requirements to be an instructor for each age group they are helping with. They go through weekly, monthly, and yearly instructor-training sessions where they learn how to develop a child and make skills age-appropriate so you know your child will get the best.

Blueprint for Success

To get where you want to go in life, it is recommended to have a map or blueprint you can follow. We know success isn't an accident. To reach your goals, succeed, and come out a champion in the end, you need a roadmap. That is what we provide with our program. It is the roadmap that builds their confidence, improves their focus, and give them the self-defense skills to stand up for themselves.

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Ankeny, IA 50023

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Ankeny Martial Arts - Ankeny, IA

Ankeny Martial Arts

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