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Confidence by Christmas
6-Week Kid's Program!

Registration Deadline: Oct. 13th, 2023 Act FAST, Limited Spots!

Sorry, the deadline to register has ended.

My brand new 6-week kid's martial art trial program (age-specific: 6-8, 9-11, & 12-17) will reverse area's if your child is shy, timid, insecure, or reserved. It gives them the confidence to be a leader in their life!

Coach Kevin Deaver

Confidence Builder

Your Head Instructor & Expert...

Coach Kevin has been building confident kids and teens for the last 25+ years! His unique take, approach, and formula used in each class is like a Lego block building system. It transforms kids and teens into confident individuals who become champions in life. 

Here's what's in it for you:

No-Fail New Student Starter System...

That'll empower your child to believe in themselves, find solutions to their challenges, and continue to overcome tough situations starting from day one -- and we make it stick a lifetime ($2,000 value for the money it will save you from this point on in your life)

Self-Image Strengthener...

Our winning formula awakens your child's personal power to know their self-worth and to realize they are a winner no matter the outcome or obstacles ($1,440 value from getting 96+ hours per year back... that's two-hours a week of convincing, worrying, and being stressing out over them you get back!)

Hassle-Free No Long-Term Commitment Program...

We don't lock you into contracts or agreements, stop anytime! ($400 value)

Train If You Miss Class Plan...

Never worry if you miss class while traveling, being sick, doing other activities, or for any reason ($200 value)

The Homework & Chore Completion-Proof System...

That'll assure your child completes their homework and chores without you having to remind, argue, or threaten them ($1,000 value for the amount you save in stress, self-medication, and screaming!)

The "Circular Curriculum" Cycle...

Keeps your child's interest high and desire to come back to class even higher ($300 value)

Always Find a Friend In Class Formula...

We help our insecure, shy, timid, or reserved students make friends and build social skills ($1,000 lifetime value learning skills to talk to anyone and reduce social awkwardness that leads to blocked opportunities!)

No Memorization Skill Structure...

Where we teach drills and skills that fit higher-motor functions to build athleticism no matter how uncoordinated a student ($600 value of athletic-driven skill development they can use in any sport or any part of their life!)

See Their Improvement Charting Guide...

That'll help you as a parent identify their improvement with each class, each week, and every month! ($199 value)

Parent Empowerment Process...

How we help you talk to your child to keep them motivated, inspired, and driven to do their best and be their best at anything they do! ($400 value)

Process-Focused Winning System...

That all kids can use to identify a process to follow that helps them get closer to the outcome they want while learning how to overcome failure or setbacks ($800 value that's worth way more when cemented into their minds to use in school, college, and when they start the workforce!)

Commitment and Follow-Through Plan...

Proven to get kids to learn how to commit to a goal and finish what they start...adjusted to fit each student's personality and character traits ($300 value)

Secure your orientation spot today for just $25! (Full explanation of program pricing will happen at orientation day - no obligation to continue after one-day trial)

100% Money-Back Guarantee if you or your child don't want to continue on into the 6-week program after orientation - you'll get your $25 back.

Listen to what others have to say...

Holly Jimenez

My son has been attending for 4 years, and we are so happy with how much he has learned and progressed.

Jason Sawnor

They don't just teach martial arts techniques, they instill values of respect, discipline, and resilience that will serve their students for a lifetime.

Megan D.

I like how martial arts training has helped me feel strong and improved my confidence.

Mr. Mason - Instructor and student

Listen to how Mason, who started with us at 6 years old, has become a leader in his life through the program and system we teach.

You Won't Find All This Value Offered Anywhere Else!

Confidence by Christmas
6-Week Kid's Program!


$25 to secure your orientation spot

No-Fail New Student Starter System ($2,000 value)
Self-Image Strengthener ($1,440 value)
Hassle-Free No Long-Term Commitment Plan ($400 value)
The Train If You Miss Class Plan ($200 value)
The Homework & Chore Completion-Proof System ($1,000 value)
The "Circle Curriculum" Cycle ($300 value)
Always Find A Friend In Class Formula ($1,000 value)
No Memorization Skill Structure ($600 value)
See Their Improvement Charting Guide ($199 value)
Parent Empowerment Process ($400 value)
Process-Focused Winning System ($800 value)
Commitment & Follow-Through Plan ($300 value)

BONUS! Free Martial Arts Gear ($125 value) included.


100% Money-Back Guarantee if you decide not to enroll in the 6-week program after orientation.

This Will Be A One-Day Confidence Building Masterclass Orientation Day

+ Free Gear

Included in today's registration offer will be a free set of equipment ($125 value) needed for the 6-week trial program if you enroll after orientation class. 

Try It Before You Enroll In It Guarantee!

I'm not asking you to say yes or no today on my program. I just want you to make a fully informed decision, that's all I ask of you. Kid's are unpredictable. We don't always know what they are going to like or dislike. But, I want you to come and see the value your child is going to receive in this 6-week trial. You will see in that first class if what I am talking about on this page is worth its weight in gold. If you're not happy, then I won't be happy. So, I'm putting a guarantee on your $25. This is to help you reduce the risk of your child not liking what we do. Remember, I don't want you to be unhappy. If you come in, try the first class, and don't like it, I will fully refund your FULL money that you used to secure your spot.

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